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Registration Instructions for openLVEM

How to sign up for openLVEM

The openLVEM collaboration is open to anyone in astronomer who wants to receive email and other notifications about LIGO-Virgo gravitational wave events. The registration process is quite straightforward and there is no approval step needed.


  1. Go to Select 'openLVEM'.

    You will be prompted to login. There are a variety of login options. If you are a member of LIGO/VIRGO or KAGRA, you can login by selecting the apprpriate icon.

    Alternatively, you may be able to use your university, college or lab login id (if it seems strange to you to login to a service at using your username and password from your university, click here for more information on how and why we do that). To see the full list of places whose login IDs we accept, click on the "Allow me to pick from a list" link

    and then look for your institution in the pull down list above that link

    If you want to know why your institution wasn't in the menu, you can read more here.

  2. Once you have successfully logged in, please jump to step 5.
  3. If you have not been able to login with your LIGO, KAGRA or home institution login id, you may still use a Google account login to register. You can use one that you already have, or create a new one. There are instructions for creating a Google account at You can find out more about why we use Google as our backup login plan here.
  4. Once you have a Google login id and password with which to register for, please return to step 1 and click the Google icon.
  5. There is only one enrollment option for openLVEM. Click the "BEGIN" button to start your enrollment.

    Begin Enrollment

  6. The enrollment form will be mostly filled out with information obtained when you logged in. The only peice of information you really need to provide is the email address at which you wish to receive email about LIGO-Virgo events.

    Provide Email Address

  7. After you submit your application, you will be sent an email confirming your address. Click the link to the URL provided to confirm your email address.

    Confirmation Email

  8. You will be taken back to The green box saying "Petition Confirmed" indicates that your enrollment is complete and successful. You may login to see your collaborations (openLVEM and any others you had previously enrolled for at, but there is nothing else to be done here. Your are automatically subscribed to the notification mailing list.
    Enrollment Complete

Are you sure you wish to proceed?